NEURON Documentation


NEURON is a simulator for models of neurons and networks of neuron. See for installers, source code, documentation, tutorials, announcements of courses and conferences, and a discussion forum.

Installing NEURON

NEURON provides binary installers for Linux, Mac and Windows platforms. You can find the latest installers for Mac and Windows here. For Linux and Mac you can install the official Python 3 wheel with:

pip3 install neuron

If you want to build the latest version from source, currently we are supporting two build systems:

  • CMake (recommended)
  • Autotools (legacy, minimum support - will be DROPPED in the next release)

Note that starting with the 8.0 release, CMake is used as the primary build system for NEURON. We would be grateful for any feedback or issues you encounter using the CMake-based build system. Please report any issue here and we will be happy to help.

If you are using autotools, we strongly recommend switching to CMake as of now.

For detailed installation instructions see docs/install/ file.



Refer to docs/

Contributing to NEURON development

Refer to NEURON contribution guidelines