Removed Features

This page aims at providing a short knowledge base designed to track dropped and potentially useful features for future development. To that end, the following table’s columns constitute:

  • the name of the feature; also stands as a keyword.
  • a short description; the main purpose is to have the feature as greppable as possible.
  • removal PR number(s) related to their removal from the codebase.
  • Short SHA pointing to the last master commit holding the feature for easy checkout.
Removed Features
Name / Keyword Short description Removal PR(s) SHA
ni_pci_6229 This related to a circa 2007 project implementing hard real time dynamic clamp under RTAI linux. The development was done in conjunction with National Instruments’ NI PCI-6229 DAQ card. #1399 c46dbc7
bluegene Code related to BlueGene L, P and Q; support for BlueGene Checkpoint API (keywords: BGLCheckpoint, BGLCheckpointInit). #1286 74d3db9
SEJNOWSKI C Preprocessor flag. #1415 e9ef741
NRN_REALTIME NEURON support for RTAI - Real Time Application Interface for Linux. Also relates to ni_pci_6229 #1401 d5f6139