Differences between idraw and CorelDraw

In both idraw and CorelDraw, a selected object is indicated by 8 handles. However, in idraw these handles do not seem to work for the following actions:

  • Scale

  • Stretch

  • Rotate

Instead, you must L click on one of the elements in a NEURON figure, specifically a trace, an axis, or a text item. This is different from the behavior of CorelDraw, where the handles are handles that can be dragged for scaling, stretching, and rotating.

When aligning objects in idraw, the first object selected is the reference object that remains stationary. This is different from CorelDraw, in which the last object selected is the one to which all others are aligned.

The NewView feature of idraw is more powerful than its counterpart in CorelDraw. Each idraw view of an image has its own independent foreground and background colors, fill pattern, visible/hidden grid status, grid size, gravity on/off, and page orientation!