Using NMODL files

Step 0:

Save hhkchan.mod into an empty directory.

Step 1:

For all versions of NEURON on MacOS and Linux, and NEURON 7.7+ on Windows:

In a terminal, navigate to the folder containing the hhkchan.mod file and run the shell script:


On a PC using a version of NEURON before 7.7:

Launch mknrndll from the icon in the NEURON program group.

Navigate to the directory containing the desired mod files.

Select “Make nrnmech.dll” and the “mknrndll” script will create a nrnmech.dll file which contains the HHk model.

Step 2:

Using the location of hhkchan.mod as the working directory, start NEURON by typing python and then

from neuron import h, gui

Step 3:

Bring up a single compartment model with surface area of 100 µm2 (Build ‣ single compartment) and toggle the HHk button in the Distributed Mechanism Inserter ON. Verify that the new HHk model (along with the Na portion of the built-in HH channel) produces the same action potential as the built-in HH channel (using both its Na and K portions).