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class Electrode

A current injection electrode inserted in the middle of the current section which can be switched between current and voltage clamp modes and can do simple voltage clamp families.

usage: section e = new Electrode([xplacement, yplacement]) e.stim and e.vc can used to set parameters programmatically.

Electrode can be saved in a .session file and is best used anonymously so that it is dismissed and point processes deleted when the graphic is dismissed.


Switches the Electrode to single pulse current injection. Uses IClamp point process.


Time (ms) of the onset of the current stimulus relative to t = 0.


Duration (ms) of the current stimulus


Amplitude (nA) of the current stimulus


Switches the Electrode to two electrode voltage clamp. Uses VClamp point process that allows up to three level changes. The clamp is set to be ideal.


Duration in milliseconds of each level change starting at t=0. Each level is concatenated. At t = dur0+dur1+dur2 the clamp is switched off and no longer injects current.


Amplitude in millivolts of each level.


Creates a currentgraph displaying the voltage clamp current. This button exists because, with the present implementation, it is generally not possible to reference the Electrode object from hoc because the only reference is held by a vbox which in turn is only referenced by this Electrode. In this way, when the Electrode window is dismissed, the Electrode is destroyed and the point processes are removed from the neuron.


Several common families for voltage clamp experiments. One should bring up a current graph (VClampigraph button in VClamp card) and select KeepLines in the graph popup menu. Only one clamp parameter is changed and the other duration and amplitude levels are given by the values set in the VClamp panel See User HocCode Electrode varyamp for the how the levels are varied.


varies amp1 in 10 steps


varies amp0 in 10 steps. Initialization is carried out at the value of amp0 so it is equivalent to the holding potential.


varies amp2 in 10 steps.


Shows a Shape scene of the neuron with the Electrode location marked as a blue dot. The electrode location can be changed by making sure the Section item in the selection menu is selected (right mouse button) and pressing the left mouse button at any point on the picture of the neuron. The position of the electrode is also reflected in the varlabel in the panel just above the Shape.