Code Formatting

Pull requests fail if python, c++, and cmake files are not formatted according policies. make format-pr can be used to ensure all the files that are a part of the pull request are formatted according to those policies.


pip install black # format python files
pip install cmake-format=0.6.13 # format cmake files


sudo apt install clang-format


brew install clang-format


Clone the nrn repository and configure with cmake. Cmake will automatically clone a subrepository into nrn/external/coding-conventions No special cmake formatting options are needed.

make format # formats all cmake, c++, and *.py files.

make format-pr # formats all files that are different from the nrn master branch.

Behind the scenes

nrn/.bbp-project.yaml specifies the tools used for format python files (black), cpp,c,h files (ClangFormat version 12.0.1), and cmake files (CMakeFormat version 0.6.13)

nrn/.clang-format specfies our choices for clang format options.

nrn/.cmake-format.yaml specifies our choices for cmake file format options.

make format-pr executes the command

cd /home/hines/neuron/format && external/coding-conventions/bin/format `git diff --name-only master`

black can be executed from anywhere with folder args or python file args.