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Style Settings


h.ivoc_style("name", "attribute")


Gives the style attribute to name. Any property listed in the file $(NEURONHOME)/lib/nrn.defaults or $(NEURONHOME)/src/ivoc/ivocmain.c can be changed although it may be that a few of them have already been used by the time the interpreter is invoked.


# 7 decimal places in value field editors. Must be done prior to any panel.
h.ivoc_style("*xvalue_format", "%.7g")
# large fonts in unix. Takes effect on next panel.
h.ivoc_style("*font", "*helvetica-medium-r-normal*--24*")
h.ivoc_style("*MenuBar*font", "*helvetica-medium-r-normal*--24*")
h.ivoc_style("*MenuItem*font", "*helvetica-medium-r-normal*--24*")

Domain Restrictions for Fields


h.variable_domain("varname", lower_limit, upper_limit)


Define the domain limits for NEURON variables. Important NEURON variables such as dt, L, diam, and Ra have reasonable default domains. Many parameters defined in model description files also have reasonable domains.

This function is most useful when a variable makes sense only as a non-negative or positive number.

One can specify different domains only on a per name basis. Thus there is only one domain specification for L and one for all the instances of IClamp.amp but one can have a different specification for IClamp.amp and VClamp.amp.


The HOC version also supports a pointer-based specification, but that form does not work from Python.


varname here would be things like t or diam not h.t or h.diam; i.e. omit the h. prefix.

PrintWindowManager Placement


h.pwman_place(left, top)

h.pwman_place(left, top, 0)


moves the PrintWindowManager to the indicated location in pixel coordinates where 0,0 is the top left corner of the screen. It is intended that if you build an interface by placing windows near the top and build right then the session you save will be portable to other window managers and other systems with different screen sizes.

If the third argument is 0, then the window is placed but hidden.

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