A minimal control system for managing a single “Oscilloscope sweep” level simulation run.


Neuron time (ms). The field editor is updated regularly to display the value of the global variable t.


Value of the fundamental integration time step, dt, used by fadvance(). When a value is entered into the field editor it is rounded down so that an integral multiple of fadvance’s make up a SingleStep


Initialize states, set t=0, and run the simulation until t == Tstop Plotting to graphs constructed from the NEURON Main Menu occurs at a rate given by the variable set by the Plotsms value editor. It is often convenient to substitute problem specific procedures for the default procedures init() and advance(). The run call chain is

            run continuerun step advance fadvance

The default advance is merely

            proc advance() {

and is a good candidate for substitution by a problem specific user routine.


multiple presses of the this button without waiting for the previous simulation to finish (or pressing Stop) will execute the run() procedure recursively (probably not what is desired) Press the Stop button to unwrap these recursions.


The default initialize procedure initializes states using finitialize() (v_init) where v_init is displayed in the value editor. The init call chain is

            stdinit init (finitialize fcurrent)

When more complicated initialization is required, use FInitializeHandler statements or substitute a new procedure for the default init procedure:

    proc init() {
            // insert new initialization code here to change states
            // If states have been changed then complete
            // initialization with
            if ( {


Stops the simulation at the end of a step.


Continues integrating until t >= value displayed in value editor. Plots occur each step.


Continues integrating for amount of time displayed in value editor. Plots occur each step.


Integrates one step and plots. A step is 1/(Plots/ms) milliseconds and consists of 1/dt/(Plots/ms) calls to fadvance()


Stop time for InitRun


Number of integration steps per millisecond at which plots occur. Notice that reducing dt does not by itself increase the number of points plotted. If the the step is not an integral multiple of dt then dt is rounded down to the nearest integral multiple.


When checked, turns off movies and graph flushing during an InitRun. Under some circumstances this can speed things up very considerably such as when using the Run Fitter in the presence of a Shape Movie plot under MSWINDOWS.


Running display of computation time. Resolution is 1 second.