print_session · save_session

Session Printing and Saving


0 = print_session(useprinter, "name")

0 = print_session(useprinter, "name", useselected)

0 = print_session()


Print a postscript file consisting of certain windows on the screen.

If useprinter==1 postscript is piped to the filter given by “name” which should be able to deal with standard input (UNIX). If useprinter==0 the postscript is saved in the file specified by “name”.

If there is a third arg equal to 1 then the printed windows are those selected and arranged on the paper icon of the Print & File Window Manager and calling this function is equivalent to pressing the Print button. Otherwise all printable windows are printed in landscape mode with a size such that the screen fits on the paper.

If there are no arguments then all the windows are printed in way that works for mac, mswin, and unix.


0 = save_session("filename")

0 = save_session("filename", "header")

Save all the (saveable) windows on the screen to filename. This is equivalent to pressing the SaveAll button on the Print & File Window Manager. If the header argument exists, it is copied to the beginning of the file.

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